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Bucking the Enrolment Trend with School Presence

Bucking the enrolment trend in Melbourne's East is St Roch's Parish Primary School. We worked with St Roch's in 2018 to develop a digital marketing strategy to capture new enrolments. Over the course of 4 months we created a bespoke website, two school promotional videos, a real estate billboard and flyers to match.

Featured in The Age, St Roch's Parish Primary School enrolments has increased enrolments by 29 per cent. An increase in enrolments to Melbourne's Eastern Catholic schools is unheard of!

We're proud of the school and what they have achieved. We're also very proud of St Roch's digital presence. Remember, a school's digital presence is the first thing parents see before entering a school. Make it count, like St Roch's! Give School Presence a call and we will be happy to share the secret to an enrolment spike.

St Roch's Digital Marketing Strategy


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