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Is a school website enough?

Is a website enough for schools?

The simple answer is ‘no’.

Having a school website is not enough in today’s digital world. If you want your school to stand out in your area and online you need to be proactive and have a digital marketing strategy.

These are the three platforms you need to have to give your school a strong presence online:

  • Website - This needs to be aesthetically pleasing to prospective families. The website is viewed as a static showcase and delivers information regarding programs, enrolments and learning.

  • School promotional video - This showcases what your school is about in moving images. It immerses prospective families and leaves them feeling good and confident in the choice of your school.

  • Social media - This showcases the everyday happenings at the school and connects you with your parents and the wider community. All businesses today has social media. You need to be on it to be considered.

Case Study:

St Andrew's Primary School in Clayton South has a strong digital presence. We have been working with St Andrew's since 2018 on their website, promotional video and social media. It is about branding consistency and keeping things current, fluid and relevant to parents and prospective families. Take a look below at the three platforms working together to build a digital presence for the school.

So the question is, does having a strong digital presence convert into enquiries and enrolments? The simple is 'yes'.


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