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Strategic Marketing Plan for Schools

School Presence works closely with you to identify your school's unique brand, developing a targeted marketing strategy to increase enrolments. Our team will meet with you to ensure your marketing goals are established and achieved, helping you build your presence and attract new students. With our Strategic Marketing Plan for Schools, you’ll partner with experts in marketing so you can eliminate the guesswork.


Stage 1 - The Questionnaire 

We understand the importance of getting to know your school before rolling out a marketing plan. We start with a comprehensive questionnaire for the Principal focusing on crucial topics such as visions and goals for the school, target audience, the strengths and weaknesses of the school, competitors, and current marketing efforts. The answers to these questions help us identify any gaps, understand what the school already knows, and shape your marketing goals.

Stage 2 - The Scoping Session 

Defining clear marketing goals for your school is the foundation of a successful marketing strategy. We offer an in-person scoping session to work with the Principal and other stakeholders to fill any gaps and create a comprehensive vision for your school.

During this 2-3 hour session, we identify your marketing goals and develop a clear plan of action to achieve them. We conduct additional external research to ensure your goals are crystal clear. We will ensure your school has a solid foundation and direction to move forward with a successful marketing plan.

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Stage 3 - The Parent & Teacher Survey

We use data to inform our marketing strategies, and part of that process is to survey current parents and teachers at your school. By creating targeted surveys about how parents choose a school, their checklist when touring schools, and their likes and dislikes, we gain valuable insights into your target audience. We identify the best channels to advertise in and create messaging that resonates with prospective families.

Stage 4 - The Branding Position Statement 

A strong brand positioning statement is crucial when setting your school apart. We conduct thorough research and analysis to create a unique brand positioning statement that reflects your school's strengths and values. Our process includes an additional meeting with key stakeholders to clarify research findings and ensure we have all points covered when it comes to your school's unique selling points.


Stage 5 - The Marketing Plan

You will receive a comprehensive marketing plan tailored to your school's unique needs and goals. Our team will select the best channels to promote your school and drive engagement with prospective families. We provide ideas for various marketing channels, and give feedback on your current marketing efforts.


Your Next Step

If you're considering ways to improve your school's marketing efforts and boost enrolments, please get in touch.

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