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Building a Strong Digital Presence for St Peter's Primary School Epping

In today's digital age, establishing a robust online presence is essential for schools. Recognising this need, Principal Angela Tonkin of St Peter's Primary School in Epping reached out to us for our digital marketing services. Angela's vision was clear: she wanted to elevate the school's visibility where it matters most – online.

Despite already having her prep classes full for the upcoming school year, Angela understood the long-term benefits of a strong digital footprint. Her goal was to ensure that St Peter's Epping not only reached prospective parents but also engaged with the current school community more effectively.

Our partnership began with a comprehensive approach to digital marketing, focusing on several key areas: website development, social media engagement, email marketing, and improving search engine optimisation (SEO).

Our first job was to launch a brand new website for St Peter's Primary School, which features a fresh and contemporary design tailored to meet our strategic digital objectives. This new online platform serves as the cornerstone of our efforts, providing an engaging and user-friendly experience for visitors. The website serves as a tool for measuring analytics, providing valuable insights to inform and guide future decisions in our digital strategy.

St Peter's Epping is now proudly one of our digital marketing partner schools. We work closely with Angela and her team on a regular basis, continually striving to enhance the school's digital presence. Together, we aim to connect with parents and the broader community more effectively, ensuring that St Peter's remains a top choice for education in the Epping area.

Our ongoing collaboration with St Peter's Primary School Epping highlights the importance of digital marketing in the education sector. By leveraging modern digital tools and strategies, we are helping schools like St Peter's navigate the ever-evolving online landscape and reach their full potential.


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