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The Process of Building a New School Website

We work with schools to create custom school website solutions that is unique and is tailored to what your school is trying to achieve. We thought we would share the process of building a new school website with you to give you a better understanding of how it's done.

Finding Out - The Purpose of your New School Website

During our first meeting we try and get to know YOUR school.

What makes your school unique?

What are your 5 unique selling points (UPS)?

How do you differ from the local school down the road?

Who is the new school website for?

Is it static or will content be changed regularly?

Current families or prospective families?

Knowing the answers to these questions determines the new school website layout and what content and imagery needs to be included in the bespoke design.

Taken from a planning document for a new school website. It shows who the school is creating their website for and their unique selling points

Designing the New School Website (Wireframes & Layout)

Together, we design the layout of the new school website taking into consideration your UPS and target audience. Every aspect of the new school website is considered from text to layout. The school's leadership team is generally involved and the meeting duration is about 1.5 hours to 2 hours.

Taken from a planning document - The school wanted a Quick Links section for their current families. This shows what content they required

The Quick Links button opens a light box which makes it easy for the target audience to navigate

Setting the Timeline

We work with schools to set a realistic timeline of when a new school website can be launched. The following timelines are set:

  • A date for new school photography

  • When the school has to finalise written content

  • Showcase of the draft website

  • Changes to the website

  • Launch

We know that schools are busy places which means which adjust the timeline according to each school's needs.

New School Photography

We're a small team that is highly skilled across all aspects of website design. Our website designer directs the school photoshoot to ensure we're capturing photos and videos that reflect and reinforce the content and target audience.

The photoshoot begins at 7:30 am with drone footage followed by a full day of shooting. We hand over all content to the school which is approximately 400 photos and 20 videos.

Drone photography to show the amazing ground facilities

A view from above showcasing the grounds & facilities

Design & Content

Once the photoshoot is completed the agreed design begins. This takes about 3-4 weeks before it is presented to the school. Meanwhile, the school is working towards finalising all the content and sending it to us.

Design stage of a new school website. Spacers are used to ensure consistency throughout the school website

Draft Website Presented

The draft website is presented to the school via a temporary link. A feedback and changes document is provided for any change requests. Changes are made and the final meeting occurs.

The Final Meeting Before Launch

School Presence and the school meets one final time to make any last minute changes. All media content is handed over to the school and a website handover tutorial video is also provided. This ensures the school and the staff know how to maintain and manage their own website.


The website is launched.

Last Words

The last words we hear from the schools we work with are "The website is amazing. The teachers and our parents love the new look. Thank you for being so easy to work with."


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